Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Postacademic (or Near-Postacademic) Blogs

Hey all,

I'm still here, but have had a bit of writer's block this week. I'm sure that'll change immediately, and I'll write something like six long posts in the next five days. That's just how I roll. :)

But in the meantime, I wanted to point out two new blogs I ran across this morning. Your Barista Has a Ph.D. is written by a humanities Ph.D. who is pursuing alternate routes after two unsuccessful trips on the job market. S/he is a parent, so some of you who are concerned about how to balance family and academia/postacademia might find some useful information over there that you can't get from childfree me. In particular, I appreciate hir thoughts about the impossibility of chasing adjunct/VAP work around the country when you have kids in tow. Zie also has some good advice for keeping yourself sane while first deciding to leave (hint: stay off the academic jobs wiki!!!).

The second blog is Pre-Post-Academia. This blogger is also a humanities Ph.D. who is taking some smart first steps toward a nonacademic career and trying to decide whether to finish her dissertation. She also has some really interesting ideas about how people who were the "smart" kids in school (probably a decent percentage of us who pursue Ph.D.s) experience academia and the process of career changing.

So go forth and read and comment at these new blogs ... and once again, see that you aren't alone.

I'll be back with more posts later this week. Happy Sunday!

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