Saturday, November 16, 2013

Forum Update - Spammers Suck!

As a followup to my last post - yes, the spammer problem at our new forum is out of control. We are currently working on a solution and will get it fixed as soon as possible. We will post an announcement over there when it's functional again, and I will post an announcement here as well to let you know when it's safe to sign up.

Thanks for your patience ... none of us have ever gotten much spam at our blogs, so we were naive about how much would be attracted by the forums. Ahh! Bear with us and we will fix it...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Exciting News in Postacademia!!

Hey everybody!! (Really, really) long time no talk!!

Everything with me is going well ... I'm still at the same job, still living in the same place ... still hanging out with my partner and friends and family and dogs. Life is good!

I haven't written in a while for various reasons ... to some extent, I just haven't had much to add to the interesting and varied conversations that have been happening in the postacademic world in recent months. On another level, I simply haven't been quite as "tuned in" to academic and postacademic news as I used to be. I do still pay attention, but as I've moved further away from my grad school life I have found that my emotions aren't as raw, my anger not so acute, and my desire to blog about each article and event to be less strong.

(So take heart, new academic leavers - the raw emotions do fade over time!!)

However, I'm back today to tell you about a few really exciting developments in the postacademic world, and with our How to Leave Academia website in particular.

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