Saturday, May 14, 2011

You're Not Alone

One of my favorite things to look at "behind the scenes" on this blog is the search terms that are bringing people to this blog via Google.

Currently, the top search term is "leaving academia" - not surprising, given the title.

But the next five search terms, in the past month alone?

"i hate academia"
"dealing with bad advisor"
"I hate my research"
"academia isn't for me"
"feeling depressed and isolated in grad school"

If you're reading this and the other blogs out here talking about people who have left academia, you're not alone. And there's nothing wrong with wanting to leave a profession/program that makes you miserable!

I've been a little MIA lately, but I'm working on a couple of longer posts and will put a few up this weekend. I will say that I spent the evening having dinner with a friend last night, and woke up early today to go to the farmers' market and to go for a run. Now I'm going through job listings to send out a couple of resumes.

I will say that it has been glorious to have normal weekends again, without the pressure of work hanging over my head. I'm still going to work and running errands and doing the things I have to do around the house and to find a new job ... but the academic guilt is missing. It feels amazing.

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