Saturday, July 16, 2011

Follow Me!

Not surprisingly, I do a lot of reading around the blogosphere and around the internet more generally about academia, higher education in general, and on the process of leaving academia. I often read things that I think readers of this blog would find interesting/useful, but usually wind up not linking to them since I can't always come up with an interesting post to expand upon whatever I read.

I thought about implementing a weekly link round-up, but I'm not always the best at bookmarking links and saving them for later. So instead, I decided to join twitter. You can find me over there as @leavingacademia, or just follow the link on the left.

I most likely won't be terribly prolific, but I will link to my new posts as well as to anything that I see around the internet that I think readers of this blog would enjoy or find useful.

In the meantime, if any of you are on twitter already and think there is an account I should follow, post it in comments or let me know over there. Have a great weekend!

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