Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Quote

I ran across this in my almost-daily google searches for other people who are leaving academia, or at least considering it (judging from my traffic statistics, I'm not the only one). It is from someone in the "hard sciences," but a lot of his thoughts ring true to me.

This quote in particular really spoke to me:
When I found that academia was not working for me, I got immediately depressed - my whole worldview was crumbling. Then I remembered that I had a life. I liked my life. I had a billion things that I loved to do. I want to do them again. Quitting and reclaiming back your life is not failing. It is waking up and winning.
Even if I "failed" by not sticking it out ... oh well. I'm happy now. I'm reclaiming my hobbies and interests and free time. I'm getting my bills paid and finding time to do household chores and spend time with my friends and to visit my family, stress-free. I am happier now. That has to be worth something. It is to me.

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